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A Fresh Start With A New Day Of Simplicity

Updated: Aug 11

A night out.

Because SIMPLE is what we're all after, right?

I've been a little quiet lately because I've been doing a lot of thinking, praying, and actually finding my place again. Let me explain a little about this change. First of all, I do generally like small changes. And I've been feeling the need for change in recent months. I enjoy switching my home decor and moving furniture around. I get excited about trying new recipes, starting a new book, or beginning a new routine.

Out of it all has come the realization that a combination of circumstances in my life has caused me to pull inward, to feel stuck. I've felt the stilted awkwardness of trying to suit too many people, diluting what I had to say so as not to offend anyone, so as not to be out of line or giving false information. When I finally realized what I'd been subconsciously doing, I decided it was time to pivot so that I can be a real person, the real me. This path I'm finding myself on feels freer and fuller and more satisfying. No longer will you be seeing just a picture-perfect sample of life organization. You will see the way it develops from the roots up, the real thing - the how to get there from here.

My passion and quest for finding "simple" come out of a busy life that has had its frantic moments (way too many of them) and needs a way to get on top of things once in a while. My goal has always been and is still to help you create spaces and systems so you can live and work your best life. The twist is that I no longer feel like I need to be the picture-perfect sample of life organization. That's not the real me. My home is not all decorated in white. I am not a photographer. My spaces are not all organized...gasp! And I frequently do not "have it all together".

My real, non-white living room

As of right now, my blog will be more of a journal-type place where I can share my thoughts with you. My business (organizing) is staying, maybe with a few eventual additions. My business name (New Day Organizing) will remain unchanged, with the addition of the new title of "New Day Of Simplicity" for my blog and social media.

I will also be writing about a variety of different subjects, as I have realized that to expect my readers (you) to want to read about nothing but organizing is quite possibly a bit on the boring side. You will be seeing more of the real me, not a picture-perfect sample of life organization. My blog subjects will not be limited to researching and teaching about organizing. And, as I said above, you will soon see that I am not even organized all of the time. I enjoy many things in my life that have little to do with organizing. The one thing I do strive for in almost everything I do, is simplicity, keeping it simple. That doesn't really come naturally to me, so I have to work at it (my more natural bent is over-thinking, way over-thinking). Here are some of the subjects I’m hoping to write about:

  • Lists (I do love lists, especially crossing things off when completed)

  • Vintage-anything

  • Homestead living

  • My faith (I am a Jesus-following Christian believer)

  • Genealogy

  • My grandchildren (we have 10 of them!)

  • Simple living

  • Planning, which kind of goes back to lists

  • Family activities

  • Old houses

  • Sewing (quilts, table runners, pillows, etc.)

  • Reading

  • Farmhouse decor

  • and lots more...

I will be posting fewer of those perfect photos that are taken by someone in a studio, and more of my family, home, projects, pets, things that strike my fancy, things I just want to share with you. I hope to feature some friends and the way they do things, invite some guest bloggers/writers, and a few other surprises. I am pretty excited to be making this shift and looking forward to sharing in all kinds of new ways with you.

So - now it’s your turn. What would you like me to write about? Let me know at newdaysimple@gmail.com. It’s a brand new email and I don’t get much mail yet, so I’d like nothing better than to have you drop me a note. Talk to you later.


A new path for the blog.