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My Household Tool Kit Essentials: What To Keep In A Household Tool Kit

Updated: Jul 5

Is your household tool kit non-existent? Or overflowing with too much of everything? Most people find themselves at one extreme or the other. If you'd like to know what to keep in a convenient household tool kit with just the essentials, not too much and not too little, read on...

My real life household tool kit

Last week, as I was moving a few things around in the laundry room cupboards, I came across our very heavy household tool kit. As I was trying to decide where to store it, I asked myself why I always seem to avoid getting my tool kit out no matter where it is stored. As I forced myself to think about this, I realized the problem was the weight and clumsiness of getting it in and out of a cupboard, and the cluttered disorganized state of the inside of the tool box itself. And of course, one thing led to another, and soon I was purging our grossly overloaded tool kit.

This photo shows some things NOT to keep in a household tool kit


It started with thinking I would just unload some of the masses of hardware that had infiltrated the entire inside of the box, but I just kept going until there was no turning back. Oh my. I reminded myself, maybe even aloud, that it always has to get worse before it can be made better. So, I chuckled as I removed a massive pile of hardware, along with wall anchors, electrical wire nuts, used and bent nails, and tools I didn’t even know what to do with. At this point I had a large pile of what NOT to keep in a household tool kit.

This photo shows some things NOT to keep in a household tool kit

After sorting everything according to type and category, I was able to toss years of accumulated hardware and relocate many of the tools back to their home in the garage. And now I have a well-organized, lightweight, convenient tool kit, that contains just the essentials for minor household jobs.

My real life household tool kit

I thought you might be interested in knowing what I kept, so here is a simple list of what to keep in your household tool kit. Some of these items are numbered on the photos:

  1. Prepackaged picture-hanging set

  2. Shelf pegs for cupboards

  3. Cup hooks of several sizes

  4. Small screwdriver set

  5. Glasses repair kit

  6. Nails for picture hanging

  7. Small plastic square

  8. Small level

  9. Mini zip ties

  10. Retractable tape measure

  11. Pen

  12. Pencil

  13. Allen wrench

  14. Utility knife

  15. Razor scraper

  16. Hammer

  17. Curtain rod hardware

  18. Florist wire

  19. Needle-nose pliers with wire cutter

  20. Regular pliers

My real life household tool kit

There are so many useful items you could keep in your household tool kit, but I wanted to share with you the contents of my own real life tool kit, and I'd love it if you would comment below with anything different that you keep in yours.

My real life household tool kit