• Kim

You Can Refresh and Reset With A Planning Retreat

Updated: Jun 12

A big part of living an organized life and keeping it at least semi-together in spite of all of the busyness we get ourselves into is in taking the time to plan. My husband and I just spent a couple of days away from the rush of life in a quaint little lakeside cabin

our getaway view

Now, I’m not saying I live an entirely organized life and I most certainly don’t have it all together. But I do know that when I plan ahead, life is considerably less hard on me. So, these recent few days spent regrouping were much needed and long overdue.

We spent a lot of the time on our sweet little porch about 5 feet away from the edge of the lake, we watched birds, boats, ducks, loons, and even a bald eagle. The weather was gorgeous. We took our own food and ate in, and we brainstormed and set goals and sort of just threw everything up in the air and put it all back together again.

We discussed how we can do better at running our businesses in tandem and agreed that this will also keep our lives lined up with God and each other. The past ten months has been hard on us both, with my husband, Brian, in full time business for himself, my full-time job as a nurse, and my business start-up (this very organizing biz). All of this has been happening in an only slightly organized state of imbalance since last July and we decided it was high time to make some necessary changes.

If you have a lot going on, a lot on your plate, I highly recommend that you step away from the noise of a too-busy life for a few days in order to gain a new perspective of it all. Set some goals, make some decisions, work things out that have been unsettled and uncertain, plan ahead, and relax, away from your usual hustle and bustle.

Here I will share a few of the specifics that we came away with:

  1. Our vintage Etsy shop will be closing ASAP. We both love antiques, but have decided it’s ok to love them and live with them without the need to run a shop for selling them.

  2. We will begin planning ahead for my transition out of the employed workforce and into the full-time self employed ranks as New Day Organizing blossoms into what it was meant to be.

  3. My responsibilities as Brian's office assistant, will be cut back and that load redistributed.

  4. Both of us will be looking to God to lead us in life and business, allowing His vision for each of us to guide our decisions. As Michele Myers of swHw says, “If it contributes to the vision - GO! If it doesn’t - NO!”

  5. We each wrote much-needed Mission and Vision Statements and set goals to keep us moving in the right direction.

I could not be more thrilled with what we accomplished during this wonderful planning retreat, and we are both looking forward to repeat trips each quarter. This will be not only our way of keeping on track with our goals, but it will also give us a fresh viewpoint that will open us up to new ideas and equip us to return to the daily grind refreshed and ready for positive motion.

Life can get overwhelming, but taking the time to plan can be the difference between just making it and thriving. If you will allow yourself to take the time to step back from the action and set a plan in motion, you will see that the ebb and flow of work and rest will give you time to catch your breath, and this resetting of your vision will be a refreshment to your life purpose. Your planning trip doesn’t need to be expensive (ours wasn’t), it shouldn’t be for the purpose of sight-seeing or travel, and it certainly shouldn’t be complicated . You don’t even need to go far away. The “away” part is all that matters.

Try it. I think you will find that it will change everything.