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Six Ways to Find Time to Read More Books

Updated: Jun 12

Six Ways to Find Time to Read More Books

I remember a time when I wondered how anyone could fall asleep while reading. I was young and refreshed at that time, and much, much less burdened with all of life. I do still love reading, but over time I have found myself reading less and less for various reason, mostly because there is always something calling for my attention, and reading does not call loudly enough.

But I have set some new goals for 2019, and reading is on my priority list. So I thought I would share some of the ways I am finding time to read:

Reading in bed has always been one of my favorite things. Snuggling in for the night is comforting with the dogs and my husband snoozing away in the room with me.

Reading in the car (while a passenger, of course) also works well for me if we are on a long trip. I don’t get carsick, so this can work, but if we are riding through a scenic area I’d rather look out the window.

Reading on a rainy or snowy day is a hard one for me. I have always been a little of an accomplishment addict, so just stopping everything in a productive time of day is not in my nature. This one, I do plan on working on, though.

Reading on the porch on a beautiful day is a little easier for me, but really only works if I am finished with my work for the day (and that rarely happens), if I’m waiting on something (like dinner to bake), or if it’s a lazy Sunday afternoon and I have given myself permission.

Taking my Ipad along to appointments or other places where there may be waiting is a great way to get some reading done. This is more portable than an actual book and I’m not locked in to reading just one thing. Oh, did I mention that I’m one of those people who likes to have a couple of books going, just in cast I feel like like a change for the moment?

Reading an audiobook while driving or riding in the car, while eating, relaxing, or doing some kind of busy or repetitive work that requires little concentration (sewing quilt blocks together, knitting for example).

I recently discovered a website/app called Scribd and decided to look into it. Now there is no going back. I decided to start the free trial, which I had purchased in a bundle of ebooks and special offers called the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. One of the offers in this bundle was a 2-month free trial to Scribd, and I resisted at first. But finally I realized that maybe it would be worth checking out. And boy did I find out that it is! With Scribd, you pay $8.99 per month for unlimited reading (less if you pay for a year at a time). They have SO many books, ebooks, audiobooks, and even magazines. Have you checked out the cost of an audiobook lately? I am truly in love with this concept and have “read” about 5 audiobooks in the past few weeks.

Six Ways to Find Time to Read More Books

Because of my goal this year, I now have a real reading list that I am making progress on. Here’s what else I plan to read in 2019:

Abraham’s Well

One-Page Financial Plan

Breaking Busy

Seizing Your Divine Moment

Cold Mountain


Creative Counterpart


Love Does


The Centurian’s Wife

Tuesday’s Departure


Nan’s Journey

The Great Influenza


Texas Roads

Anna Coulter

A Lifelong Love


The Luxury of Less

The Peaceful Wife

Into Thin Air

The Kitchen House

Six Ways to Find Time to Read More Books

Many of these are books that I have already purchased and either have on my Kindle or in hard copy. Lots of them have been in my reading pile for a long time. But most of them are also available on Scribd as audiobooks, which increases my reading time by leaps and bounds. I know that once I get back into the magic of books I will find more and more time to read. One thing has changed, though, because I now can very easily fall asleep while reading...

So, what are you reading? I would love it if you would tell me some of your favorite books to add to my reading list.