• Kim

Summer Opportunities and Major Decisions For New Day Organizing

Updated: Jun 12

Beautifully restored schoolhouse cottage in Chautauqua County

This year my summer started a little like the usual, but this time I was determined to enjoy everything about it. I made up my mind that I would take the summer off from organizing and just concentrate on the beauty of the season, catch up on some projects that I wanted to finish, spend time with family, and be refreshed. We started with a vacation to Chautauqua County, New York, where we stayed in this sweet historic schoolhouse. I went up a few days early to work ahead on the business so that I could basically place the next several months on auto pilot. Brian came up and we had a great time relaxing and spending time together, you know, just a low-key "exploring the area" type of trip.

View of one of the old schoolhouse maps and chalkboard from the loft

Our schoolhouse stay was enjoyable, productive, and restful. The owners of this place have done an amazing job of bringing what was an old run-down schoolhouse into a new century where it can live on as both a comfortable vacation home and a beautiful historical landmark. I loved poring over the small photo album I found on a side table that contained photos of the restoration journey. It was such fun trying to picture what each part of the schoolhouse would have looked like originally and then just before they restored it, compared to what it is like today.

View from the fire pit

About a week after we returned home, my my husband got an offer he couldn't refuse, and we had five weeks to scale his business TIMES THREE! We had to buy trucks, hire people, and as simple as that sounds, it just wasn't. This was a surprise, but not really. We had been praying for this type of opportunity to come along, but had no warning that it would be now! There were a few times that we got cold feet and toyed with the thought of backing quietly out, but it was too late by then and we were committed.

In the middle of all of this, we helped my Mom host a "cousins reunion", which involved doing some genealogy research, had a new grand-baby, had fun with all of our grandchildren, did some home maintenance projects, and, oh my, it's making me tired just thinking of what we accomplished this summer.

Some of my Mom's cousins - in another time and place

A birthday shopping trip

Lake Erie sunset

Fun on the pond

I didn't even realize how FULL this summer has been until I had some time today to recap. It's been amazing! Through it all, I have been unsure of what will become of my New Day Organizing and my full time job as a nurse. My schedule was already packed full before the business expansion, and since I am his office manager, I knew everything that I had going on could not thrive, or even survive (or else I wouldn't survive...). So after a lot of prayer and letting go, it has been decided that New Day Organizing...

Drumroll please.......


In the very near future, I will be cutting my hours to part-time at my job as a nurse and I am thrilled and bursting with ideas for this organizing business that I love. The next couple of weeks will still be wildly hectic, as there are some time-consuming tasks to complete before Brian's business gets settled (if that will ever be possible, haha).

Me working at a garage organizing job

At this moment I still don't have a clear picture or a definite plan for what my business will look like in the long term, but some of my goals include making it possible for more people to benefit from the services of an organizer; to help people who want to have less clutter and more peace in their surroundings and lifestyles; to inspire those who aren't sure how to conquer the disorganization in their lives; to teach the principles of living a simple and "less" cluttered life.

Growth can be painful and this has been a killer of a season, but SO many good things have come out of it. And to top it off, I have had the opportunity to redesign our office setup and processes to be better able to handle running two businesses out of our small office. The principles I've learned and developed for this will be an asset to clients who need this type of help in a home office. Fall will bring with it a fresh start and new surprises to the business (actually both of our businesses, but I'm referring to New Day Organizing) .

We are so fortunate that my working vacation followed by our getaway gave us the rest and recovery that we needed after a very busy season of life, and prepared us for an even busier season, which we had no idea was coming. We know there is so much in store for us and we are truly blessed and thankful to have the many opportunities that have come to us this summer.