• Kim

What I'm Doing These Days (Covid-19 And Beyond)

Updated: Jun 12

I have started and re-started multiple blog posts in the past week, but none of them feel quite right. In each, I’m either ignoring this present Coronavirus epidemic or I’m trying to make my information applicable to everyone affected, which is impossible since everyone has their own path in this. Since neither approach has been working, I am about to just take you through what I’m doing during this terribly unusual and unfortunate headline-making pandemic.

At first, I was mildly annoyed by all of the fuss. I’m a nurse and don’t get terrifically excited about illnesses. I was keeping my distance from my elderly mother and not being greedy in the stores, just being conscious of what was going on but not alarmed.

As it escalated, it became pretty personal.

Here’s how. Last week the urgent care center where I work informed me that they were becoming a Covid-19 testing and respiratory care center…the next day! That was a shock, to say the least. And my mind had to make a huge shift. I would be on the front lines of exposure to this contagion and would need to stop seeing my mom and the rest of my family, just in case I am contagious, although at this point we have plenty of personal protective equipment (PPE) at my job. I would need to be supportive of a whole new type of patient and would have to let go of any opinions I had about the whole thing, as well as my emotions, at least while at my job.

At home, things are quiet.

Our monthly family dinners with grown kids and grandchildren are canceled indefinitely, and there are daily phone calls to my mom and our kids to check on them and our ten grandchildren. I'm getting dressed every day. My morning devotions are becoming my necessity again. My husband and I are trying to take a walk every day. I have time to cook dinner without being pressed for time. I’m starting to realize that I may even be able to start back into some of my old favorite hobbies: sewing, family genealogy research, and reorganizing our house. I am working more than my usual, but have no places to go, or people to see, so there is still time for the things that I’ve always felt rushed at.

In less than a week’s time, I’m noticing more beauty around me, seeing things I haven’t seen in a long time and thankful for what I have. I notice the trees black against an orange sunrise on my way out of the house to go to work. I hear an owl hooting in the woods while out for a walk. I’m watching the grass greening up and red tips starting to come out on the trees as I look out the window at my desk. We are noticing ways that God has been providing for us and preparing us for this very thing, and we are praising Him for all that He gives us. These are all things I would likely have missed in the hurried state I was previously in. We are learning to slow down and it feels good.

I’m loving all of the creative business ideas and kids’ entertainment and education ideas that are popping up on social media to help everyone stay connected. In a local town, there is a “Bear Hunt” for kids (although adults are also getting involved), based on a book. Lots of people are placing stuffed bears in windows and yards so that when folks go for a walk they can try to spot how many they see. A zoo has started a daily Facebook live on a different animal each day and includes an at-home children’s activity.

Better yet, businesses, both near and far, are changing their manufacturing patterns and making medical masks, face shields and ventilators. Churches and businesses are seeing that truckers have what they need in order to get their loads through. Even (or especially) when people aren't supposed to get any closer than 6 feet, we are seeing evidence of them coming together in different ways that are maybe just as important. This Covid-19 virus is taking so much away, but let's not forget what it is giving to us.

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